Saturday, February 23, 2013


Late night digging, I stumbled across this cat that goes by the name of "Arts the Beatdoctor" from the Netherlands. Seems like these days, beat heads are emerging like crazy, especially out of europe!!  This cat here surely caught my attention with his nice production skills, combing souful and organic vibes with electronic synth. Check out the releases below and be on the look out for this cat!

Arts The Beatdoctor

Arts' debut album was released in Europe (Unexpected Records) and Japan (P-Vine) in 2007, both on CD and double LP.

It features tracks from the 2006 EP "Fragments" which was only released on vinyl.

Eventually, the Japan-only 12" of The Anthem was released, featuring instrumental and acapella versions, as well as remixes by Quintessence and Crackman, and the track Blending Quality (which was ommited from the double LP).


released 06 June 2007
All tracks produced, composed, recorded and arranged by Arts The Beatdoctor.
Mixed and mastered by Arts The Beatdoctor & Quintessence @ Studio 147 & Studio Make

Executive Producers: Perquisite & Arts The Beatdoctor for Unexpected Records
Design: Autobahn | Photography: Jordi Huisman/Poike Stomps

One track a day gets "premiered" for streaming every day of February. So the playlist below might show less, but the download will always contain the full 30 tracks.

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