Sunday, July 21, 2013


Writer, producer, singer, and wicked temptress Jessy Lanza is the newest signee to the world famous Hyperdub label, but she’s certainly not your average do-it-all. Part of the benefits of producing and writing your own music is that you have complete control over your creative process, and it’s clear that Miss Lanza has undisputed creative control, with her vocals fitting in perfect with the blissful instrumental. Everything about “Kathy Lee” works perfectly, and it’s all summed up in the video, which features a random man known as “Jed the Dancing Guy” and Jessy trading off frames of spontaneous vibe dancing, which is exactly what I want to do when I listen to “Kathy Lee”.

Jessy Lanza’s debut album Pull My Hair Back is slated for a September release, but in the meantime, support her first original single on iTunes and watch her and Jed dance it out.


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