Wednesday, September 25, 2013


After discovering this cat eariler this year, I have grown to become more and more enticed with Beat's hypnotic atmospheric sound. This cat is truly one of my favorite producers in the electronic new beat era. On 9/24/13, Beats dropped his latest, an EP entitled 'Lazy Thunder" which includes a very nice remix from fLako. Looking forward to hearing more goodies from this fine dutch beatsmith. Bravo Beats...bravo!

After symbolically closing the door on an era of jazz infused laidback hiphop with 30-track collection Lost Track Of Time, Arts is ready to show an evolved version of his former sound. Slightly hinted at in his recent remixes for Leadsmen and Bombay Show Pig, his EP “LazyThunder” showcases a combination of the hypnotic atmospheres of before, but coupled with a more intense, electronic and hard-hitting flavor, once again defying simple genre-tagging.

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